A Tasmanian Deer Hunting Experience

From Singapore

You have a very special place in St Patricks Plains and the warm welcome of your family made the stay one of our most memorable. I thought the hunting was excellent and the quintessentially Tasmanian spotlighting was great fun. I haven't even mentioned the food! We ate very well all over Tassie but I'm afraid we were rather spoiled at your place - way, way above our expectations!

Mike Schilling


From Sydney, Australia

Several successful hunting trips to ‘St Patricks Plains’ have left me eager for more. The wild country and prolific game numbers means there’s never a dull moment day or night. The new purpose built lodge is both functional and comfortable and the food and hospitality are first rate. All up a memorable experience, I will be back.

Graham Wood


From Deloraine, Tasmania

I have been a shooter all my life and a professional for several years, a long time ago now. I have hunted deer in New Guinea, New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, and although I no longer hunt for antlers, I still enjoy the hunt for some prime venison for the table.
Over the past ten years I have been fortunate enough to hunt for kangaroo and fallow deer at Herne Lodge in Tasmania's Central Highlands. Herne Lodge is on a spectacular piece of country with particular challenges that most other areas I have shot do not have.
It is not the kill that satisfies me these days, but the experience and the pure peace and quiet of the landscape along with seeing all the locals, including wedge tail eagles, wombats, hawks, snakes in summer, rabbits, wallabies, kangaroos and any number of fallow deer. As well there are the native and unique forest species of the area. But of course the adrenalin of stalking a deer is always present and mostly rewarding on each trip we take.
Paul and Shauna are fantastic hosts and if you are thinking of taking a trip to this special part of Tasmania, I fully recommend the whole experience from the food to the wilderness and the hunting. Five stars from me!

Tim Terry


'[The doe hunt] was fantastic and all had a great day . . . It was a really great insight into how you run things up there and how professional you guys are.

From a deer hunting perspective, I think you are onto a very good thing and I can only see it growing. A huge thank you has to go out to Paul and Guy for their guiding; they definitely knew their stuff. Guy was great with the way he approached things and his manner and people skills were fantastic.'

Andrew Hooper
Hunting Tasmania


I had another really enjoyable and memorable weekend at Herne Lodge. I'll take away:

  • I've got soft living in Brisbane for only a year. I'd forgotten how cold it can get (sitting under a tree, in the snow and rain).     Famous last words – 'Nah, I don't need a jacket...'
  • I'd forgotten how good Shauna is at looking after us. I've never enjoyed mushrooms so much. And the venison pie was        magnificent.
  • I should have taken photos of the labels of those wines we had on Sunday night. I've forgotten the names already, but they     were a very lovely drop.
  • I'm not at all worried about the deer population. Couldn't believe how many we saw on Tuesday morning, all weekend     come to think of it.
  • Top gun. (I think I should get that embroidered on my jacket for next year). Maybe you could get little patches with the     Herne Lodge logo … I'll look into that..
  • A new rifle with a flash scope still has to be pointed straight (don't tell Peter I said that… )

Thanks again for being such great hosts, and please also thank Guy for his patience with us all (he must get frustrated with the level of marksmanship, I reckon). I'm looking forward to next year already.

David (Montie) Lester

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